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Uisce Beatha [Ichke Baha] - [ˈɪʃkʲə ˈbʲahə]

True Ireland's lovers, after 15 years working hard in the European capital, Brussels, as commercial director (Pete) and  lawyer (Maureen), we left our native Belgium in 2018 and moved to Southwest Kerry for a radical change of lifestyle. We decided to share with people the paradisiacal place we have found in Ireland by running a bed & breakfast.


"Uisce  Beatha", literally "the Water of Life" in Gaelic, is the name for the Whisky in Irish. This was the name given by the Irish monks of the early Middle Ages to distilled alcohol. That is why the well known Irish "Whiskey" derives from "Uisce".

Uisce Beatha House is located between the Atlantic Ocean and wide peat fields. It has been named « The Water of Life» because the water and the peat are the two essential components of whisky. As amateurs of whisky, we couldn’t name our house any other way. Also, the area has been highly impacted by the inventors of this name, the monks who came to the Skellig Islands and Cahersiveen in the Middle Ages.


We hope you will enjoy all the subtilities of the oceanic and peaty scents and invigorating air from the spectacular nature surrounding Uisce Beatha House.


Enjoy a pleasant, relaxing and surprising stay!


Pete & Maureen


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Uisce Beatha House B&B - Ardcost West, V23FD85, Portmagee, Co. Kerry, Ireland